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Cactus substations
- protects your facilities 10, 20, 30 years

Cactus substations are specially designed for use in water treatment plants. They are integrated into the Cactus system which simplifies maintenance and enables the use of remote assistance.


We believe that it is important to be able to provide continuity when we develop substations. This protects your investments for 10, 20, or 30 years. When older substations become worn-out and/or obsolete, the existing steering codes can be recycled intact into your new Cactus substations. By recycling and reactivating existing steering programmes, you minimize interruptions and downtime and cut modernisation costs. The Cactus supervisory system paired with substations results in a winning combination for water treatment plants, and customers who are looking for customized solutions for water treatment, operational reliability and long-term perspectives.

All kinds of communications links

Cactus substations can be programmed via all kinds of communications links, telephone, 3G, radio and networks. This means that substations spread out over large geographic areas can be maintained by way of the main supervisory system. If you like, we here at Cactus can reach your substations to deliver upgrades.


Cactus substations are available in different models to accommodate applications for the simplest overflow gauge to the largest water treatment plant. Cactus INGO and CL70 are our fourth generation substations.


Cactus INGO – small to medium sized plants

The Cactus INGO is perfect for small and medium-sized plants, such as smaller water treatment plants, pumping stations and pressurizing stations. The Cactus INGO is a very compact and cost-efficient substation. Despite its small size, it’s a fully fledged Cactus substation. Compact housing, low power consumption, and space-saving assembly options on DIN rails are a few other valuable benefits. It’s possible to hook up approximately 200 I/O to INGO.


Cactus CL70 – for larger plants

The Cactus CL70 is a monitoring system for larger plants. It’s possible to hook up approximately 2 000 I/O to these substations. The I/O can either be attached locally or distributed throughout the plant. I/O are connected to a PROFIBUS and we support a number of different I/O modules, the most common being the Beckhoff I/O module. The CL70 can accommodate four separate Profibus loops, each containing a maximum of 128 nodes.  The CL70 can also be equipped with a display that enables local control.

För de minsta

For the smallest plants

Our compact alarm transmitter is used in small-scale plants where only monitoring or simple remote assistance is required. The alarm transmitter can be hooked up respond to overflow gauges, break-ins, and tripped motor protection devices and send these responses to the main process system. This unit is low in energy consumption, and it can also be used to monitor analogue signals such as temperature, levels and flow.