Cactus Eye

Requirements on the water and wastewater industry have increased, and the time is right for a system that meets today’s needs.

Cactus Eye is a brand new system that unites the best properties of both platforms, but with completely new functions for your water and wastewater operations.

Water and wastewater operations.

Production and distribution are the heart of your water and wastewater operations. At the same time they cannot function without the planning departments. The supervisory system, where all the relevant external information is collected, regulated, monitored, controlled and stored, is a natural platform for expansion.

The foundation of Cactus Eye is an ultramodern supervisory system, SCADA/DCS. It offers you tools for gaining an overview of the water and wastewater operations. This makes it easier for you to prioritize and focus on the most important issues and, as a result, to manage your operation more efficiently.

Genuinely adapted to water and wastewater.

The traditional water and wastewater SCADA-systems on the market have developed greatly over the years, but they have also become more standardized. During that time the requirements on water and wastewater organizations have increased and changed. With Cactus Eye we want to correct the imbalance between today’s demands from customers and what general systems can achieve, while also taking customer benefit to a new level. Cactus Eye therefore handles genuine real-time data (actual flows, doses, etc.) and administrative information in a single system.

The secure system with high availability.

Security at water and wastewater plants has become more and more important. The plants are vulnerable with new, higher requirements on internal and external security. Cactus Eye is designed for 24/7 operation with very high availability.

To protect the systems, clear guidelines and instructions are needed on how the work should be carried out. The function for different workplaces, how they may be equipped and, not least, password policies often need to be clarified – particularly as the desire to integrate information from the supervisory systems with the rest of the operation is increasing year on year. Ongoing security updates are needed for the computer equipment, whereby controls and logs are carried out regarding the status of networks and firewalls.

Developed by and for you, you and you in your water and wastewater organization.

Many people in Sweden’s water and wastewater sector have helped develop Cactus Eye. We have interviewed water and wastewater managers along with operations, pipe network and laboratory personnel in the municipalities about their own and your demands, needs and wishes regarding a new operational system.

Creates overview and structure. Links together the parts of the operation. The supervisory system provides a natural platform. Cactus Eye’s various functions increase integration and coordination between the different parts of your organization.