Management and Board


The Management for Process consists of a dynamic team that both supplements and challenges.


From left to right:
Dennis Wanninger, Antti Ristinmaa, Martin Edebol, Fredrik Bergström, Maja Damber, Jens Willads Petersen, Thomas Andreasson




From left to right:

Sören Gyll, Håkan Petersson, Johan Prom, Lovisa Öhnell, Robert Gyll


Sören Gyll

Sören Gyll is one of Sweden's most prominent business leaders. His extensive experience as a CEO for heavy industrial companies such as Rank Xerox, Uddeholm, Procordia and Volvo, greatly contributes to constantly develop Cactus. Member of the Board since 2005.


Håkan Petersson

Håkan has a valuable experience regarding corporate finance, team development as well as acquisition and integration projects. Amongst Håkan earlier positions is the role as a Managing Director for Hufvudstaden International. In this capacity he was also in charge of the demerger and its listing on the Stockholm stock exchange. Member of the board since 2007.


Johan Prom

Johan has a high strategic ability and a long-term perspective that fits Cactus excellent. Johan is the purchasing and marketing director at Menigo, one of Sweden's largest food suppliers. Previously Johan served as country manager at ICA Sweden with responsibility for ICA's overall colonial business. Earlier experiences includes consulting firms McKinsey and BCG. Member of the Board since 2006.


Lovisa Öhnell

Lovisa has extensive experience from management positions in entrepreneurial companies such as Universum, feelgood and Vitea, as well as a strategy consultant at McKinsey. Long operational experience ensures insight into how to implement real change in an organization. Lovisa is vice president of Segersta as well as board member in a number of Segersta companies. Member of the Board since 2013.


Robert Gyll

Robert is the founder of a number of companies such as; Vitea, Friskvårdschecken, Äldrekontakt and Segersta. Robert has worked as a management consultant at McKinsey. He has broad experience in commercial, concepts and sales development. Robert is CEO of Segersta and chairman of Cactus, Robert also holds several other board positions, including Deputy Chairman of Södersjukhuset. Member of the Board since 2005.