Our ability to manage projects has become something of a term. It covers everything from project implementation on time and with the highest quality, to keep the agreed budgets. We've never had to give up on a project. Our long experience in building reliable systems, means that our installations are of very high availability. We are certified according to ISO9001.

Quality policy

We strive to continuously improve our deliveries, which shall be characterized by low fault frequency and high delivery precision. Customers shall be treated with a high level of service and we shall handle customers in a positive, creative way, resolving any problems swiftly.
The key concepts in our quality approach are:
- long-term customer relations
- increased service levels
- a greater understanding of our customers business


We are proud to supply systems that promote a sustainable society. The cactus that gave the name to our company is alive and well in a tough environment that sets strict adaption and sustainability.
We are certified according to ISO 14001.

Environmental policy

Our environmental work is characterized by an ecological approach, where recyclability and principles of nature* are pursued.

Cactus shall promote the company's environmental impact to be minimized. Negative effects on the environment affected by operations shall be permanently reduced by continuous improvement.

We achieve this by:
- We help our clients to optimize their green infrastructure
- We are looking at our business through biomimetics glasses
- We choose the products and suppliers that are the most suitable from an environmental perspective

- When we travel, we choose the most resource-efficient alternative when possible
- We always comply with applicable environmental laws. Other environmental requirement that affect Cactus are considered as minimum requirements.
- Our employees' health is of utmost importance and they should not be exposed to unnecessary risks.


* Nature has learned what works and what keeps. Biomimetics is about to imitate nature's 3.8 billion years of research and development for optimal form, function, process, system or strategy for finding solutions to human challenges. The approach is directly feasible in terms of development, delivery and organization. And it's obvious Biomimetics describes life conditions on earth. Of course it works on entrepreneurship as well.

Quality and Environmental manager is Kristina Niesel, +46 31 86 97 06.