Long-term investment - Enduring commitment

Our philosophy has always been to provide solutions for the long-term perspective with regard to our customers’ needs and their particular infrastructure. The ability to upgrade existing systems is one of our signature features. This goes for both our main control units and our substations.

The longest lifecycle on the market

Investment protection is another philosophy Cactus subscribes to. Both our main control units and our substations have the longest lifecycle on the market. The Cactus DCS system has integrated substations that have been used in water treatment plants for nearly 30 years now. The actual hardware has been upgraded a few times, but the reinstallation of previously tested steering codes minimizes downtime and keeps costs down as well.


The result? All of our products have had the capacity to be upgraded and recycled in new environments for more than 30 years. Resourceful long-term thinking makes Cactus systems the most enduring and cost-effective on the market.