Thinking beyond

Cactus were pioneers in 1974 when Ringsjöverket was the first water plant in Sweden to take the step to become fully computerized controled and monitoring. When you're looking for control and monitoring systems, it is important to not only find the right software product, but it is equally important to find the right company as a partner. Our long experience of automation solutions and the industries we work in allows us to offer expertise beyond the ordinary.

Complete plant supply

Cactus is a complete service supplyer with comprehensive systems, substations and PLC systems, automation cabinets, communications equipment, sensors and actuators. We also provide project management and is involved in the design. Documentation, training and service are additional services we provide for a successful outcome.

Extensive experience in small and large projects

We have always focused on competent people who have great knowledge and interest of the customer's daily work. We have project managers with experience and overall approach to safely handle large and comprehensive projects that run for several years. To manage our commitments and to deliver according to schedule at the right price has always been an important competitive tool.

Long-term business relationships

Compared with the major system vendors Cactus is a small company with low employee turnover. It gives you great benefits as a customer. You get to know the people who work in your project. You know who to turn to for quick answers to questions or to get a discussion partner.

We invest a lot to maintain and support our existing customers and we have so far been very successful. This has created very long relationships with our customers. Several of our customers are on their third generation of systems. It is comforting for you to know as a new customer.

Committed ownership

Cactus has an active and committed owner: Förvaltnings AB Segersta, an investment company owned by the Sören Gyll family. Segersta targets companies that benefit the most from its network and experience of corporate management in some of Sweden’s major companies and corporate groups. Visit Segersta: