Valuable assistance by analyzing and preventing downtime

In the early 1990s we, along with the nuclear power plant at Forsmark, developed a customized system for failure detection, operational control and the optimization of nuclear power processes.
The third generation of this concept is presently in use, and it has also been implemented at the plant in Oskarshamn.

Efficient tool to prevent downtime

The Cactus system is a permanent installation that collects data from hundreds of measurement points throughout the entire nuclear power process. This provides the staff with the parameters they need to analyze incidents, making it a valuable tool to prevent downtime in the future.

Investments that quickly pay for themselves

The management and control capabilities provided by the Cactus system help you save time and money. One of many major benefits is its capacity for sensor- dynamic measurement. After an overhaul, it is mandatory to inspect and ensure that indicators with safety functions are unaffected. The Cactus system makes it easy to perform this inspection in accordance with a method developed at Forsmark.

The system also includes a fault recorder to enable the most efficient analysis of the events in connection with a planned reactor stop. This speeds up the process of determining which actions need to take place before the reactor can be restarted. By continuously monitoring and collecting data on the condition of, for example, isolation valves, maintenance can be need-based. This can result in significant savings by avoiding unplanned stops.