Expertise for ideal operator environments.

The volume of information in today’s management systems is increasing and placing greater demands on the operator. Well-designed control rooms and command centres therefore contribute to safer operation, more satisfied staff and a better and more attractive working environment.

At Cactus we provide the expertise to design control rooms – an area that demands specialist knowledge and experience which are hard to find in Sweden.

The human factor

Today’s operating environments contain more and more automation and decision support functions. The systems are getting more advanced, faster and smarter. But people are not machines and do not talk in ones and zeros. People have feelings and empathy, with physical and mental limits.

Particular demands

Work in control rooms therefore raises particular demands for the operators to have the best possible working environment: countering fatigue, preventing occupational accidents and alerting the user to problems and alarms. That is especially true of all 24/7 activities.

Operatören och uppdraget i fokus

Vi erbjuder lösningar som verkligen sätter operatören i fokus och ger översikt på ett flexibelt och optimalt sätt: allt enligt den internationella standarden ISO 11064 för att utforma kontrollrum.

Expert knowledge for all environments

We provide solutions that really do place the operator centre-stage and give a complete view in a flexible and convenient way, all in accordance with the international standard ISO 11064: Ergonomic design of control rooms. We can help you with expert knowledge for all types of activity: monitoring rail, road and air traffic; process, electrical, network, mobile and CCTV monitoring etc. There are several major areas within the public sector where we customise solutions for the police, the emergency services, the military and contingency centres. For greater security of information, we can create closed data flows for sensitive information.

Meeting your needs

We adapt and design solutions with you and your colleagues to arrive at the most ergonomically and environmentally suitable solution to meet the needs of your specific workplace. Cactus can provide all the products you need in your control room: Everything from software, hardware and implementation to service agreements.