Monitoring industrial operations

Cactus provides comprehensive solutions for various industries with processes that require monitoring. Our customer base includes fields such as foodstuffs, chemical products, pet foods, vehicles, paper and pulp processing, etc. A few of out most well-known clients are Elmia, SMHI, V&S Absolut, Gelita and Perstorp Specialty Chemical.


We deliver entire systems that include computer and PLC systems, cabinets, communications equipment, indicators and control devices, in addition to providing project management and participating in the projects. Documentation, courses and support are other services we provide that contribute to the success of your venture. We have extensive experience of developing SCADA systems, and we’ve always made the effort to listen to our clients and help provide them with what they need. To us, SCADA means a system that provide each particular client with the exact level of supervision and control required to boost productivity, safety and security. Using our SCADA systems as a foundation, we help clients maintain total control of their plants.