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Uni-View® for district heating – A flexible monitoring system with a wide rage of options

The Uni-View is a SCADA system that provides you with total control of your plant facilities. Simple configuration tools and powerful features allow users to quickly and easily configure and install systems that accommodate operations of any size.

Scalable and flexible

The Uni-View can be used for large or small plants that possess one or more PLC and I/O systems. Local PLC and I/O systems may be connected to the Uni-View via a local network, while distributed systems can be connected via various communications media such as individual cables, telephone lines, GSM/GPRS, or radio. The Uni-View provides the capabilities you need to accommodate operations ranging from a simple operator station to a comprehensive SCADA system that includes several workstations with multiple screens.

Each Uni-View system can be customized to suit the needs of the user, and it’s easy to expand the scope of an existing Uni-View system. In addition, it’s easy to supplement the Uni-View system with new features as they are needed in the future

Graphic process presentation

You can choose between maps, images of your plant, or flow charts. The Uni-View system provides unlimited options with regard to customizing the content, function and graphics of any plant. Build in the appropriate features, or get help from our expert programmers. Whenever you need it, it’s easy to integrate new features into the Uni-View system at a later date as well.

Real-time and historic trend graphs

Current measurement data and status signals can be presented along with historic data and status signals stored in the historic data log in Uni-View’s dynamic real-time and historic trend graphs.


The data stored in the historic data log can be used to create reports that range from simple tables for operators to more complex reports targeting management or various authorities.


To keep track of information such as equipment specifics, service actions and intervals, processing times, spare parts, and supplier data, we recommend our maintenance model, which is highly integrated with the Uni-View system.

Alarm management

The Uni-View system monitors defined alerts. Any abnormal activity will trigger an alarm. The situation can then be displayed in various ways, such as by indicator signals in process maps; audio warning signals going off; or by way of messages sent to directly to the pertinent supervisor or operator.
The system also includes features to transmit emergency alerts to personnel on call outside regular office hours.